Monday, August 13, 2018

Hellenic/Pagan Writer Rewind

Sometimes, you stop and think about all the progress you've made and the good things you've done, especially when it comes to touching the lives of others. I think all ancient Greek artists have their works counted, especially when we review them in our modern time.

Since I became Hellenic, I have written 7 books, at least 260 hymns and prayers, 4 national articles, and 157 blog posts totaling over 75,000 reads. The best part is that this is only the beginning. I've only been Hellenic and Pagan for 9 years, but in that time, I've learned and grown incredibly. It may not seem like a lot, but our religious community is looking for things to help guide and grow it. This means that people have used those 7 books, 260 hymns and prayers, 4 national articles, and numerous blogs to help them in that endeavor of regrowing the Hellenic and Pagan religions. And I think the best part is that I have always been humble about it. I've never expected to be rich, nor tried to be. I also didn't want people to revere me. I just wanted to make notable marks in life, and help my people as I did. In short, I just wanted to matter.

It has not been uncommon for people to email and tell me how I helped them find the Gods, or how my writings have been a guide for them. There are some Hellenic groups on Facebook I am banned from because I didn't get along with the administrators, but even so, people still post and talk about my writings on the group walls. I haven't always met in agreement with everyone I have encountered with my writings and life, but I don't think anyone can reasonably expect that to happen, in anything they do. You'll always find critics and haters, but the important thing is that you have more fans, friends and supporters. 

It's important for me to recount all that I have done, because there are times in life when I have little opinion of myself; when I don't think I have really accomplished anything. It gives me confidence and improves my feeling of self-worth to bring it all together into perspective, and to realize that there is still much, much more I can go on and do with my life. I am deeply and eternally grateful to all who have supported me.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.