Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hellenes & Fairies

When I first began to enter into the old religious community back in 2008, Witchcraft was my main focus, and anyone who knew me back then, knew that I was absolutely fascinated with the Fae. I didn't even really have Gods as much as I had fairies in my Path. I loved them, almost to a level of obsession. They just gave me such a fascination and an everlasting enchantment that, at the time, I found nowhere else. While there are fairies native to the Greek lands, they are not found as an integral part of Greek religion, however. For a long time, I didn't give any real focus to the Fae, therefore. But that's not to say that I lost interest at any point. So if there are other Hellenes out there like me, and they wish to incorporate the Fae into their life in some way, how can they do that legitimately? Well, in this post, I'm going to tell you how.

While Hellenic Polytheism, at least in the traditional sense, may have its exclusivity, it does not discount the legitimacy of other cultures when visiting those lands. It would be perfectly fine and respectful for a Hellenist visiting Egypt to give sacrifice or honor to the Egyptian pantheon, which did happen in ancient times, by the way. It was not mandatory, but it did take place. It would also be appropriate to give honor to the local Spirits of a given area, and that's where the Fae come in. They are essentially nature spirits or natural divinities, depending on who you ask, and each race of Fae, if you want to call them that, is found in their own particular regions of the world. So for a Hellenist living in America, they can give respect and recognition to the nature spirits of America, among them being the Fae who inhabit the continent or a particular state or locality. While they won't be a part of official Greek religion or ancestral Greek rites, you can honor them in other respects. 

It's obvious to me as well that the Fae are clearly real. Back in my beginning days which I describe in the first paragraph, I had a good online friend from Maine who shared the same interest in fairies as me. Unfortunately, I have not heard from her in years, nor can I find her online anymore. But we would share pictures that we had taken of natural things like flowers and blooming grass, and point out images of little people that we saw in them. The images were so clear and distinct that skeptics accused them of being mere paintings that we had constructed, but they were no such thing. They were simply photographs enlarged to show the shapes of the creatures. Some of our photographs even ended up on a fairy sighting page back then called Fairy Gardens. Later on, they downsized their site and dumped all of our material without sending any of it back to us, so the pictures are lost. I believe the site itself eventually shut down completely. I even came to find other people who had experienced the Fae in their life, such as the Irish author Herbie Brennan, who appeared on one of my old radios shows to talk about his encounters. 

I myself have an entire universal guidebook, over 500 pages long, dedicated to all the known kinds of Fae in the world. I thirst for knowledge, I never get tired of learning, and I'm always looking for ways as a Reconstructionist to bring new things into my life that hold interest and relevance. Even as a Traditionalist, I have found that my Path gives great liberation to me as an individual. Because the Gods are not tyrants, and religion was never meant to be dogmatic dictation. It was always meant to bring us into harmony with the Gods and the world around us.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.