Sunday, July 22, 2018

In Her Light ~ A Witches & Pagans Publication

The light of Artemis shines as bright as ever even today; it has certainly shown itself in my own life. This summer, I was privileged to publish a story in issue 36 of the renowned production Witches & Pagans Magazine, about my rural upbringing and the invaluable, lifesaving relationship I have had with Artemis and sacred nature. I was incredibly excited that a Pagan magazine that retains an online support of 342,392 people wanted to release my writings to the public. I knew it would bring a number of great things for my religious writing career by helping me interact with an amazingly larger readership, hopefully granting me a noteworthy place on the tablets of modern Pagan and Polytheism. I am very humble and honored, and I hope they will publish more of me in the future. But what is my story about? Well, I am of course not going to give it away, otherwise there would be no purpose to reading it in the magazine. However, I'll be glad to give a synopsis to intrigue people into purchasing the publication.

I've been told by some doctors that depression is the number one diagnosis in the nation at this time, presumably when it comes specifically to mental illnesses. Unfortunately, over the last decade, I haven't been able to escape this statistic myself. In 2013, I was diagnosed with severe depression and severe anxiety disorder, and a few years later, that was changed to manic depression, which is the worst kind someone can have. Countless visits to therapists and psychiatrists depleted the tread on my tires, and diving into one pill bottle after another has often been like a sporting event. Nevertheless, there was always one place, and one thing, that worked better than doctors and medicine, and that was the marvelous sanctuary I built to Artemis when I moved into my second living space in Elizabeth, Illinois in late 2015. Living as a literal priest of the Goddess in this precinct, greatly salvaged my mental state when I spent time in it. In Her Light tells the story about how nature and the Natural Gods helped me in the battle for my life during this period.

At this time, issue 36 is available for pre-order. Click Here

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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