Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Banishment Prayer of Herakles

O' holy Herakles,
Protector of Mankind,
beloved Son of Zeus,
from your heavenly abode,
please hear our supplication,
and come to our aid.

Open the gates of Olympos,
that Godly glory shine upon us.
We pray also to Zeus,
King and Father of All,
that He may send you to our favor,
to smash evil beneath your club,
and strike down our foes,
that they will no longer plague our lives,
or the order of the universe.

O' Herakles, subdue the ancient Hydras,
the Nemean lions of the world,
the Cretan bulls and man-eating Mares of old,
and plunge them into the depth of Tartaros,
forever bound and imprisoned from humankind.

Prayer by Chris Aldridge, 2018.

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