Monday, November 27, 2017

The Greek Gods Are Real! Evidence of Ancient Gods in Modern Time

I've worshiped the Greek Gods seriously for 8 years, and through those many days, they have proven their existence and power to me in astounding ways. I would like to share those experiences with the public, so that the idea of Hellenism being an "outdated" or "fantasy" religion will become less and less common. I wish to return the Gods and the religion to legitimacy among the religions of the world. All the stories you are about to read are 100% true.

1. Summer of 2009, High Point, North Carolina, Raintree Apartments.

My soon-to-be wife and I had just purchased our first apartment together that summer, and we were as excited and happy as ever, even though we had little to nothing in possessions. We went to a local thrift to buy a table and chairs for our kitchen. When we got back home, our apartment became assaulted by some unknown entity. In short, a haunting brewed up, presumably from something that had followed us from the thrift store or somewhere else while we were out (neither of us were Hellenic at this time). Doors and cabinets were slammed and sounds of feet running through the house could be heard. The spirit made it very clear that it was hostile and there to do us harm. Being a Christian theist at the time, I began a Christian exorcism which did nothing whatsoever. After a while, my wife who was Pagan, suggested calling on the Greek Gods. The situation was turning desperate so I tried it. When Athena and Apollon were invoked, my wife witnessed a spiritual vision of the two Gods destroying the spirit and all of its negative powers. The haunting came to an end immediately and never again returned. This was our conversion point.

2. Summer of 2010, Winston Salem, North Carolina, Forsyth Medical Center.

My wife became pregnant toward the end of 2009. When June of the next year approached, she experienced pregnancy complications beyond anyone's fault. It was just bad luck. He had to be taken out of the womb at 24 weeks, severely premature and placed in the NICU with the worst chances of survival. Even if he did survive, they said, there was a very high chance he'd be a vegetable for life. Soon after he was born, I placed pictures of Athena, Apollon and Artemis on the windows of his incubator and he began to breathe on his own for a while without the help of a ventilator. Everyone was amazed. I put my trust in the Gods from the first day to the last. My son grew stronger and stronger everyday and made it home. The boy they said would die or be a vegetable is now seven years old, in the second grade, and can walk, laugh, play, and do basic things for himself.

3. 2016, Freeport, Illinois, Friend's Home.

When a friend of mine called me one day about a haunting that had popped up in their apartment, I agreed to come do a house cleansing for them. One of the people who called me was, at the time, an atheist, and they also attested to seeing the spirit. They didn't think the person was hostile, but they did want them gone. They asked me to wait until their child was not there so that the child would not be freaked out, so I waited until that afternoon. I preformed a Hellenic house cleansing rite on every room, calling on Gods like Athena, Apollon, Poseidon and Heroes like Theseus and Bellerophon. When it was over, no more sightings were reported, but what was really astounding to the evidence of the power of the cleansing was their child. The child did not know me, was not Hellenic or even Pagan, and had no idea of the cleansing. However, I was told that the child was now sleeping better at night.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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