Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Darkness Looms, The Sphinx Prowls, The Gods Return

Blessings of the Gods to everyone. Today is a very special blog post, one I don't normally create on a regular basis. As many of you know, I am a published writer of a wide range of genres. This week, the Ohio magazine Dark Dossier released three of my stories in their 2017 Halloween publication:

The Darkness
Song of Sophia
The Exorcist Memoirs

This is the first time a publication has released that many stories under my name at once, and I am very honored; they're a terrific and successful magazine. I am proud to be a regular writer for them.

The latest edition is now available for download to your computer, kindle, phone, tablet, or whatever device can read files. I get a percentage for each download purchased, so you are helping me as an independent writer. The cost of each download is only $2.99, that's it. And for that you not only get my stories, but many others. In fact, in this edition, 154 pages of great tales and writings, some fiction and others non-fiction. There's no shipping or anything like that because the magazine is sent to you electronically and immediately. There's no better deal I can think of right now.

My stories are usually centered around Greek religion and mythology, so I think Hellenists and Pagans alike will enjoy them. Even if you're not Hellenic or Pagan, but enjoy a good fantasy or dark fiction, you will still love my stories. I write for everyone, really.

Below is the link option that will take you directly to the magazine for purchase. I would really appreciate your support. And by all means, share this post or the magazine with as many of your friends as you wish. Thank you and may the Gods always keep you dear.

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