Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wings ~ A Pagan Short Fiction

Last night, I decided to consult a very good and professional oracle about my writing career, during which we called on Hermes as the Patron of Writers. The God informed me that my literary endeavors would progress much better if I became more social, and that He wants me to write not just for monetary or prestigious gain, but mainly because I have a message to present to people. Therefore, I am going to start posting some of my short writings here on my blog and send them around. This is the very first of such. I hope you enjoy the short story and don't forget to leave feedback in the comments section. Tell me truly what you think and don't be afraid to share it with others. When commenting, think about these questions: What is the meaning or moral of the story? What is the symbolism? And what's actually taking place?

by Chris Aldridge

The dragon's head descended from the beam in the carport, calling to Alekos as it dropped its slithering, brown tongue and curled its end into a firm circle. It taunted him daily as it dangled.

"Why don't you just come with me?" hissed the monster as its tongue licked the air from side to side with a gust of passing wind. 

Alekos and his life had been a mundane failure for most of their existence. Abuse and neglect were his hallmarks growing up, and endless dead ends followed in his adult years. He lived in severe depression. In response to the dragon's offer, he figured, Why not? But he found himself delayed along the way.

The three-headed Griffin who came to visit always talked to him in a human voice, English words even. Her presence always scared away the dragon. No one else had even laid eyes on her majestic body that shimmered like a bright rainbow after a storm. Neighbors walked by without saying a word or even looking over. She was his alone. She showed up normally on the walkway beside his house, her fragrant feathers carrying a sweet breeze of honey.

Alekos always knew when she was coming each day by the great swoosh that filled the air, and the small dust devil that bent the plants to the ground for a few seconds. Her ferocious talons clanked against the concrete of the walkway like high heels as she took her stance and waited for him.

"You're an unusual Griffin," he commented. "You have three heads?"

"My right head is for looking behind, the middle peers in front, and the left gazes out in the distance ahead," she explained, her massive lungs caressing the skin of his cheeks with divine breath. "Tomorrow, I will return. Meet me promptly."

Very excited to continue their interactions, he met her at sunrise. She presented to him her right head and asked about his life, particularly the past. Everything he said was taken in, devoured by her huge mouth. She took it all out of him in mind, body and spirit. He was exhausted like a runner who just finished the longest race. No human therapist or medication could match her. She reset his brain, consuming all which made it defective. "Tomorrow, we will open the second door," she said as Alekos collapsed onto the concrete.

They met in the afternoon, where she gazed upon him with her central face. Resting her beak upon his head, he could think clearly now. She took nothing from him this time. Instead, she gifted him. The feeling of release and peace took hold and flowed through his veins like blood from a pounding heart. He could see the good and beauty in everything around him, like the coolest and purest water that opens a very dry throat on a hot day. "We shall meet one more time," she informed.

The last session began the next evening by the brightest moon and stars of the year as she looked to him with the third head. "It's time to complete your journey with me." Alekos was confused. He hadn't actually realized he was on one. But there was no sense in turning back. It would have been very disrespectful to his new friend. "Take yourself up on the back of my head," she instructed. "We shall ride together."

How could he turn down the chance to ride a real, live Griffin? Her feathers were as soft as a baby's skin, yet her strength was godlike. She was the best of two worlds; the most gentle of caretakers but also the strongest of leaders and protectors. She lifted him into the vast skies where he could see for countless miles. There were so many wonderful things in his sight that he had never before witnessed in his current place.

She placed Alekos back on his porch with the morning sun, and left him with a feather from her wing. He decided to walk to the carport. The dragon's tongue had fallen to the floor. The process of decay on the old agitator had begun.

It does not give Alekos a completely victorious ending. It was merely a single conflict. There will always be new beasts. But he will never forget how the three-headed Griffin brought him back from the grave.

The End.

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