Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hellenic Polytheism: A Personal Guide for Ancient Greek Practitioners

I'm proud that my newest book to help Greek Pagans is finally ready for purchase. Mine is unique from others like it because it's not merely a recitation of historical information and/or modern data. It also brings the reader into their own personal devotion to the Gods and the Hellenic way of life. It's highly based on creating practitioners in their own personal and private lives. In short, it does not merely tell about Hellenism, it also creates Hellenists and Hellenic practitioners, and aids such a student or devotee in the establishment of their own individualism within Hellenic religion. It's not going to treat you like a viewer, but like a personal student. I am also proud to present a great number of historical, scholarly and modern sources in the bibliography to not only cite my information, but to assist the reader in finding more works on Hellenic religion.

The concept of this volume got its first publication start back in 2011 when I released, The Solitary Hellenic Polytheist, but the book has since then extremely grown into this far better edition. Over the past 6 years since the last version, I have only grown, experienced and learned far more in Hellenic religion. I would replace the old with this new any day of the week.

I think my new book is also unique in that it's being sold at a more affordable price; only $9.99. Click the "link" word below to go to the buyer's page, where you can also preview short parts of the book. I am so deeply grateful to all of my readers and supporters who make it possible for me to be a writer, author, and to release great books like this. I am supremely confident in my book's ability to charm, lead and educate Hellenists like never before.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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