Monday, May 8, 2017

Life Is Worth Living

We have been alive so long, that many of us don't realize how awesome it is. We've even grown so used to seeing the glory of the Gods around us, that some people think it's all a mindless accident. In America, over 40,000 people take their own lives every year. Suicide is becoming one of the leading causes of death in our society. Now, before you accuse me of being a "holier than thou" who doesn't have any experience in the shoes of hopeless people, trust me, I am the opposite. I've been there. I suffered with severe depression and anxiety for years and contemplated suicide daily before I was finally pulled out of it by a number of factors.

If you are at present time in a state where you find existence dismal, or are even depressed, consider the fact that the Earth was here long before you, and will be long after you're gone. Earth doesn't need you, it owes you nothing, the universe owes you nothing, and the Gods owe you nothing. And yet, here you are. You are able by goodness and fortune to walk the ground each day, and you should therefore be grateful for the fact that you have the privilege of living in a beautiful world and universe every day of your life. You are a being who is blessed with life and intelligence that is denied to so many others who don't make it even out of the womb.

Have you ever sat in the quiet some place beautiful or peaceful to you, and thought about how amazing it is to be alive? Everything may not be the way you want, but no one can have all things perfect. What we must focus on are the good things that we do have, and trust me, there is an abundance in every life; including yours. So many never pick up a flower from their yard, smell its fragrance, and realize how wonderful it is (life). We have lost the ability to stand in the warm, bright sunlight and realize how much the Gods adore us. People no longer breathe the fresh air, look into the flowing waters of a river or stream, or admire the vibrant life of nature chirping and moving all around them. Because of these flaws, among others, humans have forgotten how to see the good in life.

I recently wrote a short flash fiction story called, Herald of the Hill, in which a young man, named Connor, who is severely depressed and angry, decides to take his own life, but is stopped in the woods by a stranger in a winged hat and sandals. "Who are you?" the man asks the stranger, to which he replies, "Oh, I am called by many names as I travel about the world on my missions. I was passing by and thought you could use some hope in your life." The man is skeptical, thinking there's only bad to see, but the winged traveler takes him by the hand and through the sky on a journey, where he is shown so many parts of life that are good. Connor sees that his wife and child love him and that he has good living conditions better than many others out there in the world. Before the stranger returns him to the ground, he says, "Don't look at the storm clouds that will pass before you know it. Instead, look at the beautiful trees, flowers and sunshine that come each day." Realizing the good in life again, Connor abandons the plan of taking his own life and returns home to live happily.

Connor realized that life is worth living because of all the beauty, wonder and simply good things that exist if he would just choose to focus on them, and not be distracted by things he doesn't like. In short, he had forgotten how to live, and had to be taught again. So many of us today have lost the same knowledge and understanding. Each day, try taking Connor's trip with the stranger on your own.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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