Monday, May 29, 2017

Ares Memorial Day Prayer For The Fallen

It's no big secret, I'm a Hellenist who loves his country (the United States). In my latest prayer and ritual book, Light of Olympos, I wrote a Memorial Day prayer to Ares for fallen servicemen and women. Ares being the God of War is also the Patron of soldiers and the God of Battlefields. It would certainly not be uncommon or irregular for a soldier on the field to pray to Him for protection or victory in battle. It would also be appropriate to include the God in memorials for the heroes and general dead of war. Therefore, I decided to compose a prayer to that end. I hope everyone enjoys it, and perhaps you can find a place for it in your own Memorial Day activities. Remember also, no matter who you are, that American soldiers from all walks of life have fought and/or died for America and you. Gay and straight, male and female, black and white, Pagan and Christian, democrat and republican, native and foreign born, you name it. "We the people."

O' Ares,
God of War,
protector of soldiers,
destroyer of the enemy,
the fields are quiet now,
our victory won,
and our fallen silently resting.
We thank you for the brave men and women,
who came to defend our nation against onslaught,
for their willingness to do the necessary,
and to fight hard for the obliteration of the foe.
We are free because they died,
and therefore, Son of Zeus and Hera,
give to them our eternal gratitude and love,
that they may live forever in peace and splendor now,
and keep our army prepared to march should the enemy come again.

In the Goodness of the Gods,