Thursday, April 20, 2017

YSEE Wins Legal Recognition For Ancient Greek Religion in Greece

The Greek people, historically, have worshiped the Greek Gods far longer than the country has been ruled by the Christian church, so it is absurd to say the least that ancient Greek religion even had to be debated for official and legal recognition under the laws of the nation. But at long last, the native religion of Mother Hellas, which includes the worship and history of the Gods and culture that inspired and built western civilization, has finally been recognized as a legitimate religion by the Greek court after a long, 20 year battle led by the YSEE, an organization that is basically a central representation for ancient Greek worshipers and ancient Greek religion in Greece today. The recognition of Greek Polytheism means that, finally, our religion, our people and our clergy have the same religious rights as everyone else in Greece under the law. 

I am beyond delighted to say the least. I have watched our religious and spiritual community grow and thrive for years, both in America and Hellas, and it is wonderful to see us once again achieve strength and prosperity. It is especially exciting that it happened in Greece, where the old religion was persecuted by the Christian establishment for centuries, and whose followers struggled to find fair and equal treatment under the modern law. Now, it feels as if Greece's native religion and native Gods have returned permanently. The countless years of oppression that tried to remove them from the world and the hearts, minds and lives of humans have failed. If the last prophecy of the Delphic Oracle before her murder was to say that, one day, Apollo would return and stay, her prediction has come true. The old religion has returned and it's now going to stay and grow. I probably won't live to see Hellenism return to a place of mainstream in Greece, but I have hope and optimism that it one day will. The Gods can achieve anything, and so can their people. We all know that when freedom of religion is permitted, the old ways flourish. 

I am so dearly thankful to all the Gods who live on Olympus that our people have finally returned home. And I give my thanks as well to the noble people of the YSEE. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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