Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Writers of Hermes Assemble!

As a dedicated and published writer, having been inspired to since early childhood, I now find Hermes to be a God with whom I am close. While I have not seen any ancient epithets of His which call Him the "God of Writing," He is without a doubt the God of Heralds, of communication, and the Orphic Hymns call Him the possessor of speech, which can be spoken or written. Therefore, He would certainly be the one to invoke as a God of Writers, or a God of Writing, and more broadly, the Patron of Writers.

For some time throughout my Hellenic life, I have pondered a prayer to Hermes focused on this obvious attribute, in an attempt to bring help and favor to writers and their works. As any real writer knows, it's a mission impossible sometimes to get your works accepted by real publishers for one reason or another, or to even come up with new and compelling ideas for your stories. In one of my prayer books, I wrote such a piece to the God, but I believe my latest, which I will share here, is my best one to date. My fellow writers and authors of the old Gods, may you enjoy this new prayer and find help in it, for this is my earnest prayer to the Gods for you. You can recite this prayer in your daily devotions, right before you are about to submit, or even if you just need guidance in the completion of a work.

O' Lord of Heralds,
carrier of Divine words,
holder of heaven's scrolls,
whom we lovingly call Hermes,
it is we, the writers of Earth,
who humbly pray for your good fortune.
If you see noble to bless our pens and keys with your winged-staff so holy,
then so anoint with Godly favor.
And if you see worthy to carry our words with success and achievement to their readers,
then may you in your flying sandals so guide them on their travels.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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