Sunday, October 2, 2016

Vital To A Relationship With The Gods - Here's How To Do It!

This is, I think, one of the most vital posts I will ever make to anyone who is willing to read it, no matter their religion. Even if they're not Hellenic like myself, they can still, and should, rid their lives of negativity, because it is a silent killer that will absolutely destroy you emotionally and physically, and many people don't realize that it comes from seemingly innocent things, some even masquerading as helpful and informative necessities for life. The worst part is that the people and places who bring this negativity may sincerely believe themselves to be doing a good service. There is nothing more dangerous than someone doing harm while convinced they are doing good. So please, listen to me for a few moments.

After suffering from severe depression for around 2 years, and going through countless visits to the therapist, psychiatrist, and gulping down bottles of medication, I realized that my affliction was not going away. Not only did my depression prevent me from enjoying my life and seeing the good in others and the world around me, it was hindering my connection with the Gods - something I valued as among the most important things in my life. Like many people with depression, I also had regular thoughts of suicide and feelings of endless hopelessness. Anyone who has suffered with depression knows that this prevents you from doing anything, even holding down a job. Then one day, I was fortunate enough to be among the few people who realize that humanity is being mentally poisoned on a daily basis.

Because the traditional drugging and mind-screwing wasn't doing anything against my condition, I decided to try something new, and that was to shift my brain to a positive atmosphere. I had a lot of work to do, because I noticed that I was subscribed to numerous pages and news outlets on Facebook that constantly put negative stories, memes, or pictures into my feed. I was constantly coming into contact with something to make me depressed, sad, or worried and angry. So I just unplugged from all of it. I unsubscribed from these places, and even unfollowed friends who posted anything negative whatsoever. Sometimes, I even took it upon myself to do an independent investigation into these alleged concerns that were being posted by these sites, and I found that they were either not giving all the facts, or their concerns weren't actually concerns at all. They were just alarmist overreactions. I noticed a change in my perspective and thinking on life within a few months, and by a year's time or so, my depression was completely gone.

A lot of people think that news sources, websites and webpages are their friends or their vital flow of needful information. How dearly wrong they are. A news channel, site or page has only one purpose; to tell you how bad things are. Don't believe me? Open another tab on your browser and pick any news source you like. Compare the number of negative things you see on there with the number of positive. The purpose of a news broadcast of any kind is to get as much attention as possible, because that's where their ratings and support groups lie, and they do this by making things seem as bad as possible. If things are alright or normal, they have nothing to report, which means they have no job, purpose, or mission. Keeping you depressed, on edge, and fearful also keeps food on the tables of the reporters and everyone who owns the outlet, or it keeps their politics and social engineering in progress.

Do NOT watch the news, and do not watch, listen to, or view anything that puts out ANYTHING negative at all. Anytime you have the misfortune of coming across such material, block or remove it. Don't pay any attention to these negative outlets, because things are usually nowhere near as bad as they portray them, and two, most of the people who complain never do anything about it, or do the least to prevent or change the situation. They simply want your mind, that they may control the way you think. As long as you see negative things on a daily basis, you are going to think negative in every way imaginable. Your depression and anxiety will never go away, and your connection with the Gods will suffer because the Gods are positive and good. They do not take part in anything that is not. If you are depressed, you should never refuse professional treatment, but I would also guarantee that if you unplug from all things negative, you may very well see a change in your life. These outlets are not your friends. They are the enemies of a happy people, period. 

Now, once you have ousted the negativity, there is a second step, which I also employed. You must fill yourself with positive things. It's a lot like a detoxification, and now you must restore yourself with purity. You should do anything that gives you joy, but generally speaking, take a walk on a nice day, read a book you like, go to your favorite restaurant, pray to the Gods, play your favorite games, start a new artistic project, etc. Each day, do something positive and joyful. I'll give a simple example of something I did today. Instead of looking at or doing something negative, I did my rite of Apollon and clothed His statue in its weekly robes. 

It is not the will of the Gods that you be negative, and if something is not their will, then it is not good or natural, and if it's not good or natural, it will eventually destroy you.

In the Goodness of The Dodekatheon,


  1. Bad things are going to happen in life, blocking everything out that makes you upset or unhappy is not going to help you deal with your problems. The sentiment that the gods only do positive things is complete nonsense read into any mythology and you'll see different. This is sheer fluffy bunny syndrome in its worst form.

    1. What's nonsense is to take every myth you read as literal fact. Even in ancient Greek times, the myths lost such standing. A myth is something that can be written by anyone, anytime, and for any reason, and every city-state in Greece had their own versions. If you read hardcore ancient Greek philosophy, like Socrates and Plato, you will find that the Gods immensely differ from mythology. In Euthyphro, Socrates describes the Gods as those who love the pious. The philosophers reject the idea that the Gods like vile, immoral or generally bad things, because this is not the nature of a God, but humans. And I can tell you most certainly that blocking out negativity cured my severe depression. I fear that you are someone who is so reliant on negativity that you are actually defending it. However, I understand completely. It's hard to break away from it, but you can do it nevertheless.

    2. And I understand that bad things happen sometimes, but to put out something negative almost every single time you open your mouth or make a post, that's a bit ridiculous.

  2. I definitely believe that it is so important to keep your vibration high as much and as often as possible. Things like the news and negative crud do tend to lower your vibration in my opinion. Great post Chris! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I don't think it's healthy to push everything negative out of your life. That's not victory over negativity, it's being utterly routed by it. You have to face your own internal and external demons and come out on top, and medications, therapy, and mental fortitude are the sword, shield, and armor that is required to bring yourself back from the depths of depression, I should know. If I were to push out everything that was negative in my life, I would have switched off the TV, yes, but also would never have talked to my mother again. Taking a path of extremes, whether it be an extreme of negativity or an extreme of positivity, is a fruitless endeavor. I'm of the belief that both extremes are deadly, because surrounding yourself with negativity will slowly kill your soul and drive you into depression, however, blinding yourself to any negativity by surrounding yourself with all that white-lighter positivity can stop you from seeing something horrific that's right in front of your eyes. All things in moderation, that's how I overcame my depression, slowly but surely.

    On to something you wrote in comments. The Gods cannot be all good. If we were ever to claim that, it would put us in the same self-contradictory hole that monotheists dig for themselves. If the Gods are all good, then there shouldn't be anything evil in this world. But, the Gods certainly can't be all bad, otherwise there would be no beauty and goodness in this world. It must therefore be a mix of the two. And the "God is Testing us" argument is silly. The Divine, in whatever religion you find yourself, is the Ruler(s) of the Universe, they don't have the time to regulate every tiny tribulation that every mortal has on a daily basis.
    The Gods love the pious, yes. They are more inclined to assist those who give them Their due honors and respect. However, the Gods are also in a position to judge us as mortals, and have the freedom to bless us as They wish, or to remove Their blessings if They deem it necessary. They are The divine Rulers of this Universe, and Rulers sometimes must make hard decisions.

  4. Dylan, we still know that negative things exist. What I am trying to say is that we shouldn't let them dictate our lives. I most certainly do believe the Gods are all good. Evil comes from that which is not the Gods. I think it's sometimes what you said,

    "The Divine, in whatever religion you find yourself, is the Ruler(s) of the Universe, they don't have the time to regulate every tiny tribulation that every mortal has on a daily basis."

    We as humans have a responsibility to take care of our world and lives. If the Gods did everything for us, there would be no purpose to our existence. We have a large amount of our own responsibility, and in many ways, we cause evil through our refusal to exercise responsibility. For example, there's not a single reason why most governments in this world can't eliminate poverty, and feed, house, educate and provide healthcare and peace for all of their people. The problem is that many governments prefer to be greedy and selfishly ambitious, or they just don't want to make the effort to do better, especially ours. It was Zeus in The Odyssey who said that man blames the Gods for evil, when it's nothing but his own fault. I also think that, sometimes, evil may not actually be evil. We just perceive it that way because we may find it discomforting or unknown.