Friday, March 11, 2016

Why I Believe The Gods Love Humanity

Some people think there is no romance to the Gods of Hellas, which I find to be a ridiculous assertion considering that several of the old prayers and hymns to the Gods are quite romantic, but at any rate, this is personal gnosis, and of course, everyone is entitled to that. So why does my personal gnosis tell me that the Gods adore and love humanity? For one, I want to be clear the kind of love and admiration I am describing. I think the Gods are like, what I call, “Real World Parents.” In other words, they do care for us, love us and want to take part in our lives, but they are also based in reality where there is sometimes a need for disciplinary actions and “tough love” as we say. Real World Parents exhibit reality, not a world where the sky is full of rainbows and everything is always forgive and forget. The Gods do not love like Barney, they love like parents, but with vastly more understanding and acceptance than some parents we would see among ourselves today, and because of that vastness, we can say they love beyond the capabilities of mortals.

I also consider the fact that we, as humans, are but a spec of sand in the universe. Over a million Earths could fit inside our sun, and yet, there are stars out there that dwarf our sun. We are incredibly small in the vastness of existence. There are so many things out there bigger, more beautiful, and more intelligent than we are, and yet, the Gods still choose to take part in our lives. They still want to be with and help us along the way. We are so small, yet fascinate the Gods to the greatest of degrees, to such an obvious extent that there must be love present somewhere. Furthermore, Democritus said that all good things are from the Gods, and therefore, they must also give love and affection, because love and affection are good things, and the Gods give all which is good. I would also retort that it goes without saying that only Gods of love and patience would have put up with human beings for this long, considering all of the atrocities and stupidity of which we are so guilty.

The fact of the matter is that they do help us in our toughest and most dangerous of times, we only need to read some of the Hellenic stories to see that, as well as recount our own personal experience with them, and in ancient times, people did receive the love and admiration of the Gods for one reason or another. The Gods are certainly not incapable of love, that would be a ridiculous thing to say, considering that their great love for a number of people, persons and things was written about in the times of old. You don't come from heaven to give a divine herb to someone to protect them from chaotic spells, or answer the prayer of a lonely man's heart to give him his one true love because you don't have any love for them. You don't shoot at an opposing army for wronging your priest because you have no admiration for him. And you don't rescue a girl from being murdered on an altar because you don't care about her.

In the Goodness of the Dodekatheon,

Original post was made on the Official Website of Chris Aldridge on February 25th, 2016.

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