Friday, November 13, 2015

A Simple Hellenic House Cleansing Rite

Our homes are among the places we most love, and as such, we naturally want them to remain among the most protected. However, this is not always an easy thing to do for several reasons, one being that our homes are perfect breeding grounds for negativity if negativity or hostility is present, because houses are enclosed. Many of us suffer from this, and I have myself in the past as well. We may not even realize that the least bit of negativity that enters can grow and grow if it remains fed. Because we are not perfect and falter from time to time, we can also bring negativity in ourselves. Through complaining, griping, screaming, fighting and pitching fits to name a few, we can raise negativity in our dwellings, which can also attract other negative things over time. Of course, that is not to say that it is always entirely dependent on us. Some people are victims of influences beyond their doing. So in this post, I will guide the reader through a Hellenic house cleansing rite that I have done several times with great success each time. General negativity and the presence of ill has fled my home in the past after this was performed. I can't say that everyone's experience will be the same as mine, or that they will retain the results I have by only doing it once each time. But I can say that, when I perform this, it feels as if a thousand pounds have been lifted.

First, pray for Hestia to come into your home. I have done this successfully with the Orphic Hymn to the Goddess, which can be found online, or obtained through purchasing a book of the Orphic Hymns. Hestia is the Goddess of the Hearth, as well as the home and family. She is the center of the home from which life within shines and radiates. She is basically your home's heartbeat. Once you are finished with the hymn, recite your own personal prayer, asking for Her blessings upon the home, and to drive out all things bad and ill. The copy of the Orphic Hymn to Hestia I have also calls for an offering at the end, so make sure you have one ready. I usually burn Frankincense. If you don't have this particular kind of incense, you can burn one that has another sweet fragrance.

Apollon and Poseidon
Next, take a bowl of clean, clear and fresh water, either from the tap or a spring bottle, and mix it with sea salt. Sea salt can be bought cheaply at your local grocery store, and it acts as a purifier. Once done, raise the bowl up about head level and recite the following prayer,

I ask that Apollon and Poseidon come and bless this water, to drive out evil from this home.

Apollon is the God of Light and known highly as a God who drives away evil, and Poseidon is the God of the Sea and waters in general who can shake the foundations of anything that has taken hold, for He is the Earth-Shaker. In short, Apollon can banish evil and Poseidon can uproot anything, and this is combined with the purifying powers of water. The last step of the rite is very simple. Take the bowl of water into each room, wet your hand with it, and press it against each wall, finishing by throwing some onto the ceiling and the floor. Proceed to every room in the house with the same procedure. Make sure you do not miss any walls, ceilings or floors, even closets. When finished, give thanks to Apollon and Poseidon. You might pray something like this,

I give my thanks to Apollon and Poseidon for blessing this home.

Finally, light a stick of sage, as its smoke releases cleansing properties and powers. With the smoldering stick, draw the Star of Hygeia on every single wall, ceiling and floor of the house. Hygeia is the Goddess of Health, both physical and mental, and Her symbol, even as far back as ancient times, is the five-pointed star. Modern Pagans would call this the pentagram, but not pentacle. Each time you draw the star, recite the words, "I draw the Star of Hygeia, to banish from this place all evil and ill." Once done, your rite is complete. 

How do you feel inside the house now? Better? It's important to remember from this point that, while the Gods helped, it is up to you to maintain it within your own abilities, because you are responsible for yourself. Try your best to be positive in your home and keep all things negative out of it. It might not even be a bad idea to repeat this rite on a general basis, perhaps each month or so, or however many times you feel is necessary. Building positivity and goodness is essential to keeping things out that are the opposite. When superior force is applied to something, a force which it cannot overpower or equal, it has no choice but to move away.

Always remember to officially end your rite with a final prayer and offering to Hestia, for She is First and Last.

In the Goodness of the Dodekatheon,

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