Friday, September 4, 2015

The Second Hymn of Apollon

The Second Hymn of Apollon
August 25th, 2015 CE

by Chris Aldridge

May my words reach Olympos,
towering in the heavens,
and be heard with delight before the throne of the Radiant God.
O' Apollon, God of Light, you are the magnificent Bay-Bearer,
great Hunter, gloriously Bright,
God of the Sun, Lord of the Far North,
Far-Shooting with the golden and silver bow,
prophetic, all-seeing,
who averts evil and brings purity and healing,
hear my words of devotion, great Son of the King of all Gods.

O' golden-haired God,
truthful and pure,
drive from me the advances of evil and ill,
you who are the wonderful Rescuer,
shining down your magnificent light and mighty bow,
great avenger of your people.

O' great Doctor,
God of Healing,
relieve me of my afflictions,
protect me from illness,
and bring to me only good health for all time.

O' harmonious Lord,
play your divine lyre,
to let holy music reach my ear,
for you are lover of the arts and bringer of sweet sounds,
enlightening with life and love,
wonderful God of Music.

O' God of Oracles,
Lord of Delphi,
the great counsel of man,
with your prophetic wisdom and knowledge,
show things to come.

For this happiness and these great things,
I ask Zeus' Son, the Archer.
As great Orpheus sang,
the true Greek beginning and end belongs to you,
as life comes forth from your harmony.
The world is yours, great Apollon,
and I gladly hail as you enter.

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