Friday, August 14, 2015

Has The Last Prophecy of Delphi Come True?

When the great persecution eventually began to take hold against the Hellenes and the ancient Greek religion, the Oracle of Delphi (oracle of the God Apollon) was murdered. This likely happened after Theodosius I outlawed the old religion and began forcibly closing down temples and murdering people who worshiped the old Gods. It has been said that, before she died, she made one last prediction, that Apollon would one day return and remain. Some might interpret this to mean, more broadly, that the Hellenic religion or Hellenism would one day return to stay. Most certainly, that time has presented itself and is here. Hellenism and the worship and reverence of the Greek Gods has returned, is ever-growing, and with freedom of religion taking a foothold in the free world, Hellenism is here to stay. Apollon, and all the Gods for that matter, and their worship have returned to stay. The last prophecy of the Oracle of Delphi has joined her many other accurate predictions as having came true.

For the last 2,000 years or so, the campaign to eradicate the Hellenic religion and root out its followers has utterly failed. Two millennia worth of effort has foundered to the deepest depth of the sea and now lies there to rust and rot. There are numerous Hellenic religious organizations and temples, countless Hellenic festivals, statues, shrines and altars in operation all across this country and in the world, and there are even people who don't worship the Greek Gods but still retain a fascination and love for them and their stories and histories. And, one of the best parts, is that our religion has returned under protection of law. What I mean by that is to say that the laws of our land now give us the right, not the privilege, but the RIGHT to worship our Gods and to live freely in accordance with our Hellenic beliefs. Our religious freedom is protected under any state or jurisdiction within our country, and no one's taking that away. Certainly, some have tried, but have still failed once more. 

So, yes, if the accounts are true, and the oracle did indeed make this prediction before her death, I salute her, for she was right once again.

In the Goodness of the Dodekatheon,

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