Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Entrance of Bellerophon

Since I became Hellenic, I have discovered four Gods with whom I have strong connection, but only one Hero, that being Theseus. At least, until now. Today, I am proud to welcome my second Hero in my life, Bellerophon. Over the past couple of weeks, He has really made a strong presence in my life and spiritual practice. Throughout my time worshiping the Greek Gods and studying Hellenic culture, I have found little to no prayers to the Heroes, except for Herakles. I find that lamentable. So, in honor of my new relationship with Bellerophon, I post this prayer to Him, full length.

Great Bellerophon,
Corinthian Hero,
from the divine stables,
retrieve and white steed,
and upon he, winged Pegasos,
fly from the skies,
bearing your spear of victory,
and triumph over all that hinders goodness.
Upon the horse of heaven,
protect and uphold the human spirit,
against all enemies and enmities,
and with all heroism,
thrust down with your might,
vanquishing the foe, 
and bringing peace and freedom once more.
Great Bellerophontes,
I invoke your bravery, 
that I may live fearless when courage is required,
your fortitude, 
that I may keep my mind calm in chaos,
your perseverance, 
that I may overcome my challenges,
and your ingenuity, 
that I may outsmart my enemies.
Protect me, great Hero,
on all my journeys in life,
and in all the battles I face.

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