Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Full Prayer to Athene for Protection

Beloved of Zeus,
Goddess Athene,
beautiful Virgin of wisdom and war,
in your divine armor,
and your unbreakable shield and spear,
defend me against the assaults of my enemies,
and against the dangers of all worlds and realms.
Stand beside me in battle, I humbly request,
and drive back those who advance against me.
Bring with you the might of Zeus,
Father of All,
and all the goodness that resides in His palace.
Charge down from the peaks of Olympos, O' Goddess,
strong and unwavering,
with all the power that crushed the giants,
sounding your battle cry,
and strike terror into the heart of my foe.
Great Athene, it is you who fights until the end,
winning the day's glory,
as Nike prepares to crown you,
triumph is yours!

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