Tuesday, April 28, 2015

True Ghost Experiences: Part 1

There are a number of Americans with stories to tell about their experiences with the paranormal and ghost encounters, and I am no different. Now I'm not someone who can't tell the difference between a haunting and the wind blowing through the trees. I look for very reasonable explanations for things before I start thinking that perhaps it could be something out of the ordinary. Unlike some enthusiasts, I do not long for such things to happen.

The last time a haunting happened that I experienced for myself, and not just someone telling me they themselves experienced it, was when my wife, son and I lived in our home in Thomasville, North Carolina. The events began taking place shortly after we moved in during the year of 2011. My wife also confirms these happenings. Even though the house had been remodeled, it was built during the early 1900s, and as many of us know, such rejuvenating of properties can cause spirits to stir up if they are actually there. 

It began when my son would wake up every morning at or close to 3am, the time when spirits are said to be most active. It's also called the "Witching Hour." Each morning, he would wake up crying for no apparent reason. We were always able to soothe him back to sleep, but the awakenings kept happening. It made us wonder what was waking him up and why. Another event that took place happened during the daytime, and this happened more than once. I remember sitting at my desk and hearing something slam onto the floor, like someone dropped a book flat. It just slapped the floor in the kitchen. Upon inspection, nothing was there. This is a classic sign of a haunting. The final confirmation came when my wife heard a woman's voice while she was in the shower one day. We did not live unusually close anyone, there were no windows up, and no television or radio running. Although these were eerie, the presence in the house did not feel hateful or hostile toward us, but we didn't want to take any chances of that changing.

One night, my wife and I stood in different parts of the house and began to commence a banishing, calling on Hestia, Goddess of the Home, and some other Greek Gods to dispel the spirit(s). From that point on, we never again heard noises, voices, and my son was never again awakened at 3am. Whatever eerie thing it was that resided there, it left.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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