Sunday, February 1, 2015

Anointing Statues Before Worship

Anointing statues did take place in Ancient Greece. However, in my personal practice, this is more so suited for individual worship of Gods, unless you want to take time to anoint every single statue you have before you do general worship to all the Gods, Spirits and Heroes. I myself practice it in the individual manner. At any rate, whether we anoint them or not, we do believe that the spirit of a God or Goddess, Spirit or Hero, can inhabit Their statue during the time of worship. This is not worshiping statues, although some will undoubtedly interpret it that way. The statue is merely a symbol and a representation. The God, Spirit or Hero themselves are the ones receiving the worship. 

When I anoint a statue, I do it with the belief that the Deity's presence will come into the statue, or at least come into its presence, and through that method, the God, Spirit or Hero can hear my prayers and receive worship and offerings. My method for anointment is rather simple. Above, you can see a picture of me anointing my statue of Apollon before worshiping at His shrine and temple area. This took place back in Galena, Illinois, and I more so practice general worship these days. But that does not mean I don't practice rituals and celebrate festivals to individuals as well, in which cases these practices can likely take place.

Take a drop of oil on your fingertip. I would try to pick an oil that is or can be connected with the God, Spirit or Hero in focus. For example, Apollon, being God of Healing, could perhaps be suited for an oil associated with that concept. If you can't obtain something special and specific like this, then regular scented oil will do. Place the tip of your finger on the head of the statue and recite the following words:

I anoint this statue of Apollon,
to act as a house for His divinity and His presence,
so that He may hear prayers,
receive offerings,
and delight in festivities in His honor.

Simply done. The only thing to remember is that, after you have finished your worship, take a damp cloth and wash the oil off the statue. Depending on the type of oil, the material of the statue, and the amount of use, it could begin to discolor the piece, although I have never seen this happen to any of mine. But there's nothing wrong with using caution and safety. Remember, not only are our statues sacred representations, they are holy objects. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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