Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Grand Hymn to Apollon

I: I sing of Apollon,
God of Light,
come forth,
brighten my existence,
and banish from me all plague.
Come with the brightness of the sun,
bringing life to Earth.
Welcome, bright God!

II: Son of Zeus,
who holds the golden and silver bow,
red-robed and golden-haired,
radiant Healer,
and lover of the arts,
you were born on sacred Delos of lovely Leto,
and the Gods revere you.

III: Of all your greatness I sing,
you who brings prophecy,
guiding oracles,
and counseling man.
O' God who sees all,
receive my song kindly,
and show me all to come in my life,
as I seek and heed your words.

IV: With more song,
I sing of you, master of the lyre,
bringing sweet music,
calmer of my soul.
May your Muses fill my heart with peace,
as you stroke your lyre,
and send to me wonderful melodies of heaven.

V: O' what a magnificent Archer,
shooting afar,
worshiped the world over,
I hail!
I shall never forget you,
but house you in my heart forever.

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